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Covid Prevention, Travel documents and Terms


We are implementing all the necessary measures to provide you with a safe vacation.

We designed biosafety protocols based on the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) to reinforce our hygiene process. Our staff’s health is traced daily and we established monitoring, capacity and physical distancing protocols so you and our coworkers can stay safe.



Check-in: Term used in the hotel industry to register the guest's entry to the hotel.

Check-out: Term used in the hotel industry to indicate the handing over of the room and its key or card by the guest, also the revision of the consumption of the minibar and later its departure from the establishment.

Offer: Proposal that is launched temporarily for products or services with special conditions, or free of charge as an incentive for the consumer.

Receptive: Additional services, such as tours and transfers.

No show: No presentation of the guest at the hotel on the determined date. The no show can generate the loss of the purchased plan.

Refund: Total or partial refund of the money previously given as a guarantee or payment for the service purchased. The form of refund is generally the same as the form in which the payment was made.

Invoice: Document that confirms the total payment of the service or the tourist plan.

Representative Market Rate (RMR): Economic indicator that determines the daily value of the exchange rate between a Colombian peso and a US dollar. It is used as a reference for all types of transactions.

PQRS: Request, complaint, claim or suggestion presented by the client, which allows to know the client better and thus to improve the service provided.



Documents you must present if you are a Colombian citizen:
ID card and tourist card.
Documents you must present if you are a foreigner:
Passport and tourist card.
Documents that must be presented by minors travelling with their parents:
Civil registry or identity card and tourist card, if over 7 years old.
Documents that must be presented by minors travelling with an adult:
Parents' permission authenticated by a notary and certificate of first degree of consanguinity. If the minor does not have first degree of consanguinity, the police of childhood and adolescence will be in charge of granting or denying the entrance of the minor.



The tourism card is a tax that all nationals or foreigners must pay to be admitted onto the island. Children under 7 years of age are exempt.

* This tax is NOT included in any of our tourist plans.
* The tax fee for 2022 is 116.800 COP (Colombian Pesos).

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It is compulsory to present all your original and valid documentation.
You must print out the certificate issued by the system after making the reservation.
* Every time you arrive at the hotel you have to present the certificate or voucher to be able to access our accommodation.



Hotel: Establishment that has rooms and offers food service and other complementary services. It provides non-permanent accommodation service and less than 30 days by means of an accommodation contract.

Guest: A person who stays at a hotel establishment, who uses the accommodation services and who has paid for a travel plan.

Accommodation Contract: Set of obligations and rights by which a hotel establishment undertakes to accommodate and provide a series of services to another person called a guest.

All-inclusive plan: A form of hotel reservation that allows you to enjoy accommodation, food, drinks and certain services for an established price.

PAM Plan: Hotel reservation mode that includes half of the food, breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner.

Seasons: Certain periods of the year in which previously established conditions and differential rates are applied.

High season: The time of year with the highest occupancy rate due to the influx of tourists. In general, prices are higher.

Low season: The time of year with the lowest occupation and tourist influx. In general, prices are lower.

Room: Space designated inside the hotel for the guest's rest.

Confirmed reservation: Separation of hotel quotas by the client on a given date and in a given period of time. The reservation will become effective once the client has made full payment for the plan purchased.

Cancelled reservation: Cancellation of a separation of hotel quotas for a client in a period of time established. Your cancellation will be made within the agreed time period when the payment established for the purchased plan is not received.

Complementary services: Optional tourist services that are not included in the purchased plan.

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